Eificient time
management is
If politicians could see things in
as well-balanced a way as Dorothy
Poon Fung-king (“Students
must not overdo tutorial
classes”, September 25), the
world would be a better place.
Relying on tutors to make up
for everything that is lost
through lack of concentration
at school means a huge investment
financially, and in terms
of time expended. Students
should spend their evenings
doing homework, playing and
being with friends, not in a tutorial
school trying to make up for
unproductive days at school.
Coming from the director of a
tutorial school, this may seem a
strange comment, assuming
that we want as many students
as possible. True, but not if that
makes people see us as greedy.
If grades are going down, the
student should sit down and
analyse a typical day. It is amazing
what a few changes can do.
For instance, instead of staring
out of the window, take notes
and start asking questions. That
starts the adrenaline pump that
keeps you awake and alert. And
when you do, you have your
own private tutor for a few minutes,
at no extra cost.
Then analyse the evenings.
Most students I discuss this
with think they spend a lot more
time on homework than they do.
From the five to six hours
coming home from
school and going to bed, subtract
time for eating, chatting on
the phone, computer games,
shower and TV, and you will be
amazed at how littie time is actually
spent on the homework.
Time management is
essential to let you have
time off. And get enough sleep.
Only then is it time to consider going
to a good tutor who can heip you with
that particular subject you are
struggling the most with, or where it is
most important to get a top grade.

Sven Topp, director, ToppTutor