Everybody has special needs. The brightest needs extra challenges, the challenged needs special challenges. With the help of our special needs teacher, everybody can get the incentive to go that extra mile.

Do you feel that your child is not getting the attention needed to reach his or her full potential? Sometimes a little help from an outside expert can be a turning point for a child. Something that ignites the flame you have always suspected was there, but that traditional methods could not bring out.

Perhaps your child is already in a program with the school’s special needs teacher who, as is often the case, is over worked and cannot devote enough time to all the students that need extra help. This is where we can come in as a supplement. By working together with the school on a path mutually agreed upon, your child can get that little extra help that is needed to get on track.

Even the brightest student can benefit from the experience of a special needs teacher who can design just that extra task that can bring him or her to the next level.

Contact us and we will help you to bring out the full potential in your child