Q: HOT PIZZA. Why is it that I can hold a pizza slice that comes straight from the oven without burning my fingers but, invariably, I burn my mouth with the first bite? Has it something to do with my mouth?

A: No. With the specific heat capacity of water and many other liquids! 1 calorie, or 4.2 Joule, is defined as the energy needed to heat  1 gram of water  10C. This is very high compared to most other substances. It is ten times higher than for iron, for instance.  And certainly a lot higher than for the dry dough around the edges. What does that mean? Well, if it takes a lot more to heat it, it also takes a lot more to cool it down, so the juicy part in the middle of the pizza stays piping hot much longer than the edges. If in doubt, next time you order a pizza, try sticking your finger (or even better: A thermometer) in the middle of it.