Students must not overdo tutorial classes.
I partly agree with Catherine Chan Hoi-ying about the benefits of tutorial lessons (“Tutorial classes make a difference”, September 18).
I think students have to strike the right balance between their work in school and the tutorial colleges they attend.
There is no doubt that Diploma of Secondary Education student’s face a major challenge with this public exam, partly because it is still relatively new.
As one of those students who will sit the diploma in 2014, I have found that there is a lack of resources, which makes preparation difficult.
Many classmates share my concerns and have opted for tutorial courses. They are able
to take additional notes and get exam tips. But this can mean that, during the day at school, they fall asleep in lessons.
They wrongly see these courses as being a guarantee of success in exams.
However, I think it is more important to be able to make a realistic assessment of your own abilities and ask yourself when studying a subject if you really understand the concepts. If you are too tired at school, you will not be able to concentrate properly.
I am not denying the benefits of tutorial classes.
What is important is for young people to strike the right balance so they can still pay attention and learn in school.
Dorothy Poon Fug-king
Wong Tai Sin