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Enthusiastic teachers who will revive your interest in the core subjects essential for your future success.

Let’s be honest, whether you just want to pass your exam with a decent grade, or you are trying to get into the world-class university of your dreams, grades matter. A good grade depends not only on the amount of subject knowledge you have acquired but also on your mastery of exam skills.

A few examples of our key areas of focus include:

  • Analyzing the question. Many marks have been lost over the years by students not fully answering (or not answering at all!) what is being asked for in the question.
  • Deciding how much you need to write. If it is a 2-mark question, it stands to reason that you can only get 2 marks, no matter how much you write. Many students run out of time towards the end because they have spent too much time trying to show their brilliance in some of the questions,

    Intensive exam-oriented revision courses led by teachers with extensive experience of how to maximize examination scores.

    instead of using their time strategically, giving precise and conscise answers wherever appropriate. Even some long essay questions you may get in some subjects do not necessarily require a lot of writing. Skip the blabber and get the essentials down on paper.

  • “Shoot from the hip”. Some exams consist of multiple choice questions. You have very little time (typically 90 seconds) per question, so it is essential that you know how to get through them at record speed.
  • Interaction within the group can trigger new approaches, insights and interest.