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Calculator or Brains?

The discussion will not and should not end: What is more important: Understanding, or learning how to respond quickly on a test or exam? There is no contradiction: First, students must learn and, even more importantly, understand the topic. But as an important test or exam approaches, the focus can be slowly shifted towards exam techniques. If you have a problem that can be solved much more quickly using a calculator, use it! You are competing with excellent students, so why should you put yourself at a disadvantage. When you are sitting at the exam table, you should not waste time on anything else than correct answers and speed.  So we leave the calculator solutions to your selves, and focus on the explanation:

A:    –   Dividing 1 by 3 gives you a smaller number than when dividing by 2, so   –  is positive.

B:  1 – 2  Squaring the square root brings you back to where you started so, again, positive.

C:   1.012 –  1.011/2 Squaring a number bigger than 1 gives you a bigger number. Taking the square root gives you a smaller number. Positive.

D:  2-3  – 2-2 = 1/23 – 1/22 = 1/8 – 1/4 Clearly smaller than 0.

E:  π/  –  /3  ~  3.1/1.7 – 1.8/3 Clearly positive.


public speakingThe quiz was won by Vivien Tse, a young graduate from the University of Durham (UK), now back in HK. Congratulations Vivien! Vivien tells us that she loves public speaking, baking and reading. Here she is speaking at a wedding. We feel sure it was a great speech.

Although the competition is open for all, a university degree is not necessary to solve the questions.

We will be back with more quizzes later.

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