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Topp Tutor

17F Siu Ying Commercial Building
151-155 Queen's Road
Central District, Hong Kong

Enthusiastic teachers who will revive your interest in the core subjects essential for your future success.

ToppTutor welcomes enquiries from dedicated teachers in all secondary subjects interested in tutoring in Hong Kong.

More than just another teaching job: Finding the students' level and capabilities is paramount in creating a good learning situation. Hence, in our tutors we look for this ability, combined with a solid background in your subject and teaching experience. You’re involvement in developing the company is also actively encouraged.

Remuneration: You will find our remuneration very competitive.

The right person will be considered as a possible PARTNER in the company. Partner or not, you will not be just another teacher with ToppTutor.

Contact Sven Topp directly on 2117 1870, or drop us a line on our Contact page.

Intensive exam-oriented revision courses led by teachers with extensive experience of how to maximize examination scores.