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Business / Economics / IT in Hong Kong

Is it difficult to put it all in context?

Do you feel that the amount of information is just too overwhelming?

Business / Economics / Computer Science

Choosing Business / Economics / Computer Science can be your stepping stone to a great career (or even entrepreneurial success). But is the subject a bit more difficult than you expected? Are you finding it not so easy to understand the theories and mechanisms? Let our tutor help you. Not only does he know the syllabus inside out, he can also put it into perspective by showing you how the theories relate to the real world of business.

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Why Choose ToppTutor?


Well-Developed Methods

At ToppTutor we use proven methods to evaluate your level to pinpoint where the extra help is needed. This will enable you to contextualize and build on your previously acquired knowledge and learning skills.

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Affordable Pricing

We understand that the costs involved is an important concern when deciding which tutoring agency to choose. This is why we keep our price level below most of our competitors.

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Every Student Is Unique

We listen to your concerns before we teach you. The most important thing is to find out which areas you are struggling with and, equally important, which your strengths are.

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Money Back Guarantee

We have a good track record of satisfied students that we helped overcome their individual struggles. We are so confident of your success that we offer our first lesson free of charge if not 100% satisfied.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Photo of Rebecca Terner - Topp Tutor testimonial

“Thank you very much for rescuing our daughter! With just three weeks of tutoring she was able to pass her final exam well above the average! We all very much appreciate how much you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! And she enjoyed every lesson. Thank you for reminding her of why she loves math!”

~ Rebecca Terner ~

“I helped organize a tutoring section for students in my school with ToppTutor not long ago, and it was the best 4 hours i have spent doing mathematics. The tutor was fantastic, explained things in a totally different way, and made understanding the subject so much simpler than any of my other teachers. I would highly recommend using Topp Tutor for mathematics, and any other subject you may need help in. A breath of fresh air for students, and a fantastic help for anyone taking exams. 11 points out of 10!!”

~ Dylan Pilling ~


“Just finished IB Math SL today and even though I don’t know my grade yet, I can see how much I’ve improved because of this organization. Problems that I previously wouldn’t even have attempted seemed possible during my exam because of how I’ve learned how to think differently with only 6 lessons with ToppTutor. That’s what is great about this type of tutoring, you don’t simply lear to solve the problem, you learn how to think. Best of luck to all of those who are taking exams soon!”

~ Tatiana Reiter ~